ST elevation on monitor twice, Cardiologist said looked okay?

I ran on the treadmill and it felt like I was having a PVC so I took a reading and it showed ST Elevation and tachycardia, heart rate 139. Stopped, rested and retook and showed no abnormalities. Decided to run again and when I got my pulse to 135bpm, stopped and took reading again and for a second time got ST elevation and tachycardia. Stopped altogether and took after heartbeat went back down and reading showed no abnormalities. Since ST elevation typically means you are having heart attack, I was worried and it was the weekend. Was able to get my Cardiologist to call me, he had me text him photos of the two ST elevation printouts. He said he did not see significant ST elevation and all looked okay. So,!who knows?

Since using I have gotten a total of 5 ST Elevations and a VPB Runs of 3 (Triplet) which are all dangerous readings. I sent all of these readings to a cardiologist to read and he said he saw no ST Elevation on any and thought the Triplet was a result of artifact and all were nothing to worry about. I no longer use this device during or after workouts because of the false readings. I guess this makes a good novelty item.