Request a Feature! For EKGraph and SonoHealth App


We love what we do and are always trying to improve, however a lot of you send us emails with BRILLIANT suggestions.

We wanted to create a forum topic where others can join and build upon ideas to help us create amazing products and software.

You have an idea or suggestion, we’re ready to hear it!

Also other SonoHealth users can join the topic and maybe add another feature or even build upon your genius idea!

We can’t promise we’ll fulfill every one of your requests, however we will do our best!

Kindest Regards,
SonoHealth Team

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App feature request 1: allow for multiple profiles. This way two or more people can use it and keep their charts separate.

App feature request 2: ability to add annotation (notes) to each saved chart. For example, lead 1/ 2 measurement, after exercise, or other information.



@moyaboo Thank you for suggesting those features!

I will mark it down and let our developers know.

PS: Thank you for utilizing our forum! It’s still empty but with a little help from folks like you, I know it will be a buzzing community in no time!



I am experimenting with the different leads and have to keep a notepad handy and designate them by the time stamp to locate them in the app. Also used in for a neighbor who was symptomatic, I had to search later to find hers when she wanted a printout. Needing a small comment space on the app would be my biggest complaint. (other than the fit of the lousy charging plug, which I fear will be the first thing to go)



The app does’t remember me from one log in to the next. A setting to stay logged in would be nice.



It would also be nice if the typing on the keyboard was able to make suggestions for words as you type. That would encourage people to be part of the community since it saves a lot of time. Thanks!