iPhone stuck on synchronization

First time using the app and it gets stuck on synchronization. I have reinstalled the app restarted my phone reset the Bluetooth with no luck. Would be nice to get a fix or solution. Thanks!

Hi Brandon, sorry about that! Can you please tell me what model iPhone you have? That way our engineers can debug this issue.

And in the meantime, please download the legacy version of our App while we figure this problem out.

Also you can try powering on the EKGraph right after pressing the Sync button in the app and see if that helps.

Here’s photos of the previous message from I believe the previous buyer “Brandon”, who returned this defective SonoHealth EKG heart monitor.
I believe Amazon took this defective monitor back repackaged it and sold it as NEW to me !!!
I also found previous scans from June & July which must belong to “Brandon” !!!
Since I just bought this Supposedly New SonoHealth EKG heart monitor in September, there shouldn’t have been any previous heart scans on this monitor !
This ekg monitor definitely has a defect so I’m going to return it to Amazon. Hopefully someone with scruples and a conscious won’t try to repackage it again and re-sell it to another unsuspecting Amazon buyer !!!

I am experiencing the same issue on iPhone X iOS 15.0.1. I downloaded the original version instead of the 2.0 so I can offload my data