How do I change the date on my device?


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I asked several days ago how to change the date and time on my device. I was told “we’re working on it.” No replay yet. So all my readings have the date as 1/1/2015 and a time stamp that is incorrect.

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@zazzarino I sincerely apologize for the late reply!

I already replied to your request via email, but I will post it here as well. (maybe it’ll help other customers)

We did discover a bug that may be causing the date and time issue but the issue isn’t always duplicable.

Can you try syncing with the EKGraph from the “SETTINGS” page. Change either the time or sound and see if that changes the time on the device.

NOTE: Old recordings will still have the 2015 time. Only new recordings after the sync will have the correct date and time.

Please let us know if this fixed the time or not.

If that doesn’t work there’s one other trick you can do to fix the time issue. It’s installing the PC software and syncing the EKGraph to your computer which will fix the date/time issue.

Let me know if that worked for you!



I can’t get mine to change, either. it’s a day and then some ahead.



Melissa, the issue may be caused by your phone/computer that has a wrong/ahead time.

The EKGraph takes the time of the device that it syncs with. So if you have a computer/phone who’s time is a day ahead the EKGraph will take that time during a sync.

As long as your phone/computer has correct time and you sync the EKGraph with that device it will set the correct time.



I have synched from my phone and PC multiple times and can’t date and time to change. Can’t get recording time to change either.