Date an time won't set says date 2015 even after sync

tried sync several times on phone and tablet time and date off


I have the same problem.


mine just started being glitchy app… date 2015 and app keeps shutting down.


Had the same issue. Download the desktop app for PC, I’m on windows 10, sync the device with the PC app and time and date are uploaded from the PC. A little more work, but it fixes the issue.

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Has anyone figured out how to get the clock and date set? I’ve reset or uninstalled everything once but to no avail.
Android S10 plus

This should be an easy fix, but if the device doesnt have that functionality you can sync all you want. Additionally hard to track your readings unless you organize yourself. I have a feeling there is no fix…

Try this, it worked for me:
From Inside the App, Go into Menu>Settings>Device Sound> (then toggle ON/OFF) this will force a hard sync and will set time.