A big waste of money

I had hope that I could get a product to possibly give me a warning of Afib. I have bought other gadgets for heart health and they can’t make a decent app for the products. why go to all the trouble and then have people very sour and angry with their purchase. i presume they think we will drop it on the dresser and forget it and money in their pocket. well i don’t have money to blow on junk.

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Hi, can you explain more clearly about the AFib part of your comment. Does the device not indicate you are in arrhythmia, or were you looking for it to warn you in advance of an episode? This will be most helpful in my decision to purchase.

excellent product. no device can predict a fib …and artifact can look like a fib to most machines and inexperienced people. I have 42 yr experience in ER
and love this monitor. clear, quick,accurate …and saved me time and money with a quick check for heart palpitations


Hey, what makes you think it doesn’t warn you of afib ? Just curious for myself because I’d like to know if I have afib as well

I don’t think it is possible to predict A-fib. But, it seems to be pretty good, but not perfect, at telling me when I am in arrhythmia.